Brand Concept


Material: 革本来の風合いと手触り、匂いなど、視覚・触覚・嗅覚で感じ取れる革を厳選し、経年変化する革を使用致します。

Last: ラストのフォルムは、足に寄り添うフィッティングを追求する為に、足なりを再現した丸みのあるフォルムと、時代性を汲み取ったトウの形とのバランスによって構築します。

Design: 革の風合いとラストのフォルムを活かす為シンプルに。そして、動物の生きた証である革に敬意を表す為、傷や血筋といった質感を排除せず、デザインに活かす事によって、素材の持つ魅力を最大限引き出すことを心掛けています。

Construction: 縫製、釣り込み、仕上げに於ける全ての工程を人の手によって行う事で、素材、ラスト、デザインの構築性を保ち、SUGINARI MORIMOTOとして足に寄り添う靴を表現しています。

To search for designs that can fit anyone, artless but graceful.
To feel the leather with a craftsman’s hands, to respect its life, the proof of an once-living animal, and maximize the charm of the material.
The shoes created from a human’s hands can go along best with a human’s feet.

Material: we use leather with the best quality that you can sense with own your eyes and feel with your own hands. Only the genuine leather gives you its essence; you will feel the change for the better as you wear it longer.

Last: we design and make all the lasts on our own. We use only the lasts with roundish forms that fit a human’ s feet well and with modern shapes comfortable for toes. The product is a perfectly fitting pair of shoes.

Design: we believe in the power of simple design to make the best use of the material and the lasts. We are always trying to maximize the charm with the simple design, by utilizing rather than erasing scars or bloodstains on the leather to respect the proof of an once-living animal.

Construction: we follow the whole process of construction-sewing, lasting and finishing-only with handicraft. This is how we can make shoes that go along with all the customers’ feet.


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